Welcome to Uppsala

What makes Uppsala so special? The answer is simple – it’s student life! In Uppsala you have a unique opportunity to make your study time something out of the ordinary. This is the website where you can register to all the nations and student unions in Uppsala online. Read more, get inspired and join us – Uppsala is waiting for you!

Please note! To get your regular card physically and in the app, as a new student you have to contact or visit the nation that you just became a member of during their visit hours to fulfill your membership.

Engage and do your own and others’ student life to the very best.

I am working full time at a nation, being the Pubmaster there. As a Pubmaster, I do everything concerning the pub: accounting,
paying salaries, ordering beers, fixing broken stuff etc. The summer pub is the reason that I got enrolled at the nation, it is one of my favorite places in Uppsala. Becoming engaged is one of the best things I've done during my time as a student, I've learned so many new things and met a lot of interesting people.

During the main part of my education in Uppsala, I have been active in the Uppsala Student Union. It’s a great opportunity to both influence your education and support your fellow students. I would strongly recommend Uppsala Student Union to anyone who wants to contribute to a better education and student life for everyone!

My first semester at my nation I applied for the position head waitress and since then I’ve been hooked on the nation life. After working full time at the nation with being in charge of the kitchen and serving staff I chose to stop studying medicine and instead focus on studies in food science. The nations are like a second home to me, because it’s at the nation I study, meet my friends, work and party. To be able to hang out with people that study other subjects than me is really rewarding, and my involvement in the nation has really added value to my time as a student in Uppsala.