Uplands nation

Uplands nation – the open and welcoming home nation of Uppsala. Here you can experience student traditions such as gasks as well as drinking coffee in our study café or having a burger in the Svantes pub. To our beautiful house with its many activities is everyone welcome!

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With a little more than 2000 members is Uplands nation the historic home nation for the Uppsala area. All who live here are technically upplänningar (people from Uppland) so we really want you to feel welcome here! In our beautiful nation house are members meeting every day to drink coffee, meet and study. Our study café is open every weekday offering coffee, sandwiches and cakes and the library is open with additional places to study multiple days a week. During sunny days the uplanders are moving out to the big garden enjoying the sun on the steps or the shade under the big trees.

In the nation pub Svantes källare you can enjoy classic burgers and choose from a wide selection of beer. Live bands in the garden in summer, our Livejazzbar with tapas restaurant about once a month and the club festival Poplands has made Uplands to one of the better music venues in Uppsala. During the semesters we offer traditional gasks (dinner parties) and popular clubs when our talented club arrangers fill the house with people as well as music. Do you want to become one of us planning and executing all this? Try working and get new friends and valuable experience while earning a little extra money.

Uplands nation is here for its members and you as one of them has good opportunities to influence the activities and events! We also have a bunch of active clubs around culture and sports. Come by the nation for a coffee and learn more of what Uplands nation can offer you!

Uplands Nation has 55 rooms for rent. 20 of these are situated in the wing of the nation building itself. The remaining corridor rooms are a block away at Rundelsgränd 6A och 6B, where Uplands share the building with Kalmar nation. Rundelsgränd is run by a “Bortom Bullret”.