Västmanlands-Dala nation

V-Dala nation is one of the bigger nations in town. We are located in the large, white, winged Alvar Aalto-colossus at S:t Larsgatan. We offer housing and scholarships, clubs and gasks, library and associations. At V-Dala there is something for everyone!

Västmanlands-Dala nation, or V-Dala, is one of the bigger nations in Uppsala.We are located in the large, white, winged Alvar Aalto-house at S:t Larsgatan/Sysslomansgatan.

Here things happen every day – whether you have too much to study and want to come and have a break, or have too little to study and want to be stimulated, then we are here to meet your needs.

Our library is one of the biggest private ones in the country and is housed in five rooms. We constantly buy all course literature for about 25 basic courses, so check with us before you spend your money.

Almost every weekday tasty fika is served in Carl Larssons café and when the books have been closed for the day you have the opportunity to have something to eat and try some nice beverage in Puben during every night of the week. For those with a five krona-coin to spare there are also a few nice pinball machines to enjoy, all while the hours pass by. In summer the pub moves to the roof of the house and is then called in the precisely same self-explanatory manner Taket. Every now and then we go big and arrange a ball, club or some of our popular gasks.

The best thing about us is probably our wide range of associations. Here many students spend their spare time with everything from playing the violin and choir-singing to soccer and role-playing games. If your interest doesn’t have an association – start one!

As a member you are automatically in our housing queue. We have about 850 student housings, all centrally situated, affordable and in good condition.

Membership fee: 330 kr per semester

The Foundation for Västmanlands-Dala nation's student housing have provided housing for it's members since the 60s. We currently have around 1000 accommodations for rent, stretching from corridor rooms to three-room appartments