Uppsala studentkår

Uppsala Student Union is about quality assurance in the education at Uppsala University through education monitoring and student influence. As a student union, we have a special responsibility to be the students ‘voice and present the students’ perspective towards the university but also the municipality, the region and other actors who influence the conditions for studies in Uppsala.

Uppsala Student Union is a student association that works to ensure that your education and conditions for studies at Uppsala University are of high quality.

Uppsala Student Union is a broad organization that works to improve education for almost 14,000 full-time students in four sections that house six different faculties. Uppsala Student Union works every day, in the sections with faculty-specific issues and centrally with major impact issues, with student influence towards Uppsala University as well as towards the student city of Uppsala. Uppsala Student Union’s vision is to ensure an education of high quality for all students at our four sections, something we always work actively with but which we most easily achieve together with you as a student!

A membership in the Uppsala Student Union is a membership in an organization that works actively to ensure that student perspectives are included wherever it affects the conditions for your education and your membership gives the union greater legitimacy and influence when we pursue student issues!