Farmacevtiska studentkåren

Represents all students at the Faculty of Pharmacy. We offer study places, information about career paths, sports activities, cafés and pubs to make your study time as good as possible. You’re always welcome to our union house, Pharmen.


The Pharmaceutical Student Union was founded 1896 and is one of the oldest unions. Our purpose is to conduct study supervision where we can express our views towards the university.

We only represent the Faculty of Pharmacy, which enables us to raise specific questions and create a good relationship between teachers and students. The Student Council is the main forum to raise your voice regarding questions or opinions about the education.

Dedicated students work ideally for you. We offer our members advice and support in study related issues. By becoming a member you support our work and it opens up for a wonderful community where you are always welcome.

We offer study places, computers, printer, cheap coffee and burgers. You can also buy and sell course literature, heat your lunch box or play billiards and ping pong.

Every year, we organize Sweden’s largest labor market day for pharmacists – Pharmada! You can make new contacts with representatives from the pharmaceutical industry. Read more at

Get involved, we have over 100 positions. Some examples are international congresses, the union magazine, work in our pub or café, sports activities, career events and much more.