Södermanlands-Nerikes nation

Södermanlands-Nerikes nation offer so much more than food and party! Work in our restaurants and engage in a rich cultural life and our associations. At the nation you will meet friends for life.

We have Uppsala’s largest summer club Bryggan, a popular Valborg galopp, and also offers housing to our members. Our popular Tuesday club is written in stone in each Uppsala student party calendar. We also have the world’s oldest student orchestra, one of the world’s oldest studentspex and Sweden’s oldest student sports association. More about Snerike’s history can be found on our website www.snerikes.se

Snerikes offers its members a variety of activities. Do you want to enjoy the culture we have choirs, a library, spex, theater and nationspaper who gladly welcomes you. If you want to earn a few kronors, get work experience and a lot of friends, make sure you work here. Snerikes employs around 500 unique people – each year – who does the dishes, waiters, cooks in the restaurant, bartenders and DJs.

At the heart of the nation, however, are the fifty officials who do everything from making pea soup, to enrolling new students, to running the restaurant and the whole nation. If you’re passionate about something and want to show what you’re up for, Snerike’s nation is for you; We can provide you with the tools, resources and, above all, the chance to realize your ideas, with a secure safety net to fall back on.

We are proud over our traditions, and as the only nation we still require members to have the roots in one of our landscapes but as and international student you get a exception. For questions about what this means, or something else, turn directly to the first curator at 1q@snerikes.se.

Warm welcome to us!