Värmlands nation

In our red brick nation house, designed by the famous architect Ragnar Östberg, we can offer you Club V every Friday, ‘gasks’ during the weekends, and study places, a library and different associations to take part in during the week. Across the garden you will find our pub Wermlandskällar’n – based in a cellar from the 13th century, it is perhaps the coziest pub in Uppsala. Welcome to us!

Even though the nation has more than 3000 members, making it one of the biggest nations in Uppsala, it is also the place where everything is possible. As a member you have the opportunity to actually influence the everyday life in the nation. You also get discounts on many of the nation’s activities as well as priority to book a place for a lot of nation events.
The nation has a lot of groups: nation choir, football club, dance group and many more. Are you feeling up to making your own group or join some of the already existing groups? Feel free to contact our first curator (1Q).
As a member you get also the chance to apply for scholarships as the nation is awarding every year its members with up to 2 million Swedish crowns in the form of scholarships. Members get also the chance to apply for housing for the corridor rooms and the apartments of the nation. We offer corridor rooms and student apartments at Götgatan/Torsgatan and Ekonomikum park. Visit the Värmland’s nation webpage to get read more info about it.

At Värmlands it isboth easy and fun to be involved! Here can you learn how to write and publish our nation’s magazine, bake, cook food, make cocktails and drinks and many other things. On the very plus side, you get friends for life!

Welcome in the warmth of Värmlands nation!


Membership fee per semester: 325 kr

Värmlands nation are happy to be able to offer our students a central accommodation in Uppsala. We have three different houses; corridor rooms at Phyllebo, apartments Dygdebo and apartments at Rackarbo.