Kalmar nation

Kalmar nation is by far Uppsala’s foremost music nation. The nation invites you to live performances, open-mic nights, and awesome clubs. If you want to perform yourself, or just enjoy the music, this is the nation for you!

Kalmar nation is one of the smaller nations in Uppsala, and we can be found in a charming 80’s house. We have enough members to make the walls shake when we dance our hearts out on the dancefloor, but we’re few enough to be able to easily get to know the person you spilled your drink on. The house is often filled to the brim with music – our biggest interest! We have a great mix of live performances, open-mic nights, and clubs. A couple of nights per semester we also open our doors to our Stand-Up nights with professional comedians, such as Jesper Rönndahl, Soran Ismail, Johanna Wagrell.

The nation’s pub, Kronan, is open all days a week with the exceptions of Fridays and Sundays. On Fridays when there are no clubs or gasques, we open up our restaurant. Every other opportunity we have our vegetarian/vegan restaurant Smaka, and every other opportunity we have Kalamari, that serves dishes from the sea. On Sundays you’re welcome to attend our brunch-style fika, Frk. Nylins eftr.

Aside from all of this the nation also have a lot of different member activities you can take part in, such as a mixtape-circle, theater, football, yoga, sewing-circle and much more!
We also have different types of scholarships that can be applied for by our members, as well as housing right next to the nation house in central Uppsala. To take part of this and everything else we have to offer, stop by the nation house during office hours, or contact our First curator at 1q@kalmarnation.com


Membership fee per semester: 280 kr

As a member of Kalmar nation we can offer you accommodation in two housing areas: Bortom Bullret and Rackarnäbbet. The first one consists of a large amount of corridor rooms as well as some two-room flats while the latter comprises a few more self-sustained flats. Both areas are in close vicinity to the nation, i.e. in central Uppsala. Kalmar nation has 92 corridor rooms, 16 double-rooms and one triple-room.